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Sterling Trading Tech's most frequently asked questions

Please browse the below FAQs for general troubleshooting assistance.

Sterling FAQ’s

Common inquiries from traders

Q: If I have more than one Interactive Brokers account, are they able to link up in a single Sterling platform subscription?

A: Yes, you may have multiple Interactive Brokers accounts linked to your Sterling subscription.

Q: I have 2 accounts with 2 different brokers, can I have one Sterling Platform subscription?

A: No, a Sterling platform subscription is per brokerage account. If you use 2 brokerages, you would have to have 2 Sterling platform subscriptions.

Q: I am new to using the Sterling Trader® Pro platform, where can I find basic setup information & help?

A: Please CLICK HERE to check out our video tutorials. Additionally, please CLICK HERE to view our latest blog posts highlighting specific functionalities and settings.

Q: What should I do if I have questions about my account or my account balance?

A: Please check with your broker regarding all inquiries related to your account. As your software provider, your brokerage handles all access and permissions related to your account.

Q: What is the price for each of the trading platforms you offer?

A: Platform pricing is set by your broker and varies based of trading needs. Please CLICK HERE to view the list of brokers that offer Sterling platforms.

Q: I cannot log-in to my Sterling platform, what should I do?

A: Settings for your account such as account status, login configuration, Username & Password are controlled by your broker. Please contact your broker directly for all account inquires.

Q: How do I add or remove market data feeds?

A: Market Data feeds are controlled by your broker. Please contact your broker directly for all market data feed inquiries including starting and stopping service.

Q: How do I sign up for a simulated account?

A: STT does not currently offer Sterling Trader® Pro Simulator accounts to individuals. Please send an email to [email protected] and we will refer you to brokers offering our simulator product. Pricing is set by the broker and varies based on trading needs.

Q: Do you have any Brokers that offer Canadians accounts?

A: There are multiple brokers that offer Sterling platforms to Canadian residents for both the US and Canadian markets. Please send an email to [email protected] and we will refer you to brokers offering our products.



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