Hot Button Bar

From the local “View” menu of the Level II OE window, you can set up and operate a “Hot Button Bar”.  The purpose of a Hot Button Bar is to allow you to perform your hot key functions by clicking on a button to load or send your orders, rather than using the keyboard.




To configure your hot button bar:


  1. First, of course, you must have your hot keys set up!  After all, a hot button is a hot key, operated from the Hot Button Bar.

  2. Click the View menu and select “Hot Button Bar Setup”.




ex_red_sm.jpg In Global Order Entry Hot Key settings, you must name your hot keys to use the Hot Button Bar feature.


  1. Highlight the hot key you want to add under "Hot Keys" to the bar and click the >> button to move it over to the "Buttons" column.

  2. Repeat for all desired keys.

  3. In the list of chosen hot keys, select your colors for those keys.

  4. If you have a large number of hot buttons, you may want to present them is additional rows (otherwise, having many hot buttons will squish them together and they may become hard to read).  Select the number of rows you would like to use.

  5. Click OK when finished.


Fun Tip (Really):


Want a hot button window without the quoting and other order entry fields?


  1. Create the Hot Button Bar per above.

  2. In the Level II OE Window settings, uncheck all the data boxes.

  3. In the View menu uncheck anything you don't want to see, Order Entry Bar, Symbol Bar, etc.

  4. Size the window accordingly.  (There will be some empty space on the bottom.  It's a current limitation of the window.)




  1. You can then link the window to a Stock Watch, Position Summary, or other quoting window.  For example, if linked to a Stock Watch window, you could then set the double-click event in the Stock Watch to set the link symbol, which would update the Hot Button window you created when you double click the selected symbol.  You could then click a hot button to fire off the order in the selected symbol.