Quotes Settings




Decimal Places - The number of places used to carry decimals for prices and other numerical data. As a further refinement, this setting can be designated as a “Minimum,” allowing for the display of longer decimals only when such values are actually present. If “Minimum” is not designated, then all “fixed” decimal places are still displayed, but with “padded” zeros if the decimal number does not go out as far as the requested decimal places.


Display/Use Pre- and Post-Market Trades - Unless this box is checked, pre/post-market trades will not be shown or factored into calculations.


Display Ticks (+/-) With Last Price - Add + or - to the last price fields to indicate if the last price was up or down from the previous last price.


Display Negative Prices in Parentheses - Adds ( ) around negative numbers.


Display last size in hundreds - Displays last size in round lots.


Display Volume in Thousands If Over - Add a threshold here to display volume in multiples of 1,000.


Combine Queued ActiveX Quotes - For API users.  If this box is unchecked, all quotes will be passed.  Should there be queued quotes, the system will continue to process them until the queue is finished.  Checking this box will clear the queue, should quotes be queueing, and present a fresh quote.




Allows you to set your pricing model and interest rates for calculating Greeks on option contracts.