Preset Hot Keys

These preset hot keys are already hard-coded into the Sterling Trader® Pro system. They are shown in blue. You can edit them only to change the keystroke used to activate the hot key or to name the hotkey, but you can’t change any of the other preset parameters. The built-in functions of these preset hot keys are already pre-programmed for your convenience.




In the screenshot, there is a scroll bar on the right, meaning that there are many more preset hot keys.  Double click a hot key to get a more detailed description.  In general, these are the types of preset hot keys:



ex_red_sm.jpg In the Listing Exchanges settings there is an option to set a Cover Destination.  For the "Covering" hot keys to work in load and go mode, the Cover Destination must be set.


To change or add a key for a preset hotkey:


  1. Double left click on the action you want to update (or highlight it and click the “Edit...” button).  The Edit Special Hot Key box will pop up (see following page).

  2. To set the new hot key, press the desired combination on your keyboard and the window will fill in the new hot key for you.

  3. You can, instead, press delete if you want to disable that hot key action.

  4. Once done, press OK.




ex_red_sm.jpg If you want to use a hot key as a hot button in Level II OE, you MUST name your hot key in this edit hot key window, even if it's a pre-set hot key.