Position Summary

Position Summary in Sterling Trader® Pro has a similar look and feel as Stock Watch.  However, in Position Summary you will see data on your open positions, including unrealized Profit and Loss.  You can also see daily realized P/L on closed positions.  Should you trade for more than one account, you can view positions for all accounts at once.




COLUMNS – Columns for Position Summary are similar Stock Watch, with a few notable exceptions.  In Position Summary, you can access column choices from View – Settings.  Please note the columns below that are specific to Position Summary that will help you see the details of your positions. There are many more available besides these.



You can add a Totals row in the Miscellaneous tab of the Settings window by checking the box “Display a ‘Totals’ row at…” and then select either the top of bottom of the window.  Click the “Cols…” button to select columns to total.




VIEWING POSITIONS – There are several ways to manipulate what you see on Position Summary window besides adding or removing columns.


SORTING – Sort the list by left-clicking once on a column heading.  This will sort the list by that column.  In the Miscellaneous tab of the Settings window, you can select how often to resort by that column to account for updated data.




HIDING ROWS – Should there be a symbol, or group of symbols, you don’t want to see in Position Summary, you can hide them by right clicking on the symbol and selecting Hide Rows from the pop-up menu.  This will remove the row until your right click again and select Restore Hidden Rows.


You can further manage hidden rows in the Settings – Miscellaneous tab by checking the “Only show entries which have a position” box.  This will automatically hide closed positions.  However, if you want to include hidden rows in totals calculations (for example, Realized P/L), check the box “Include hidden rows in the Totals row calculations”.


FILTERS – You can filter out certain rows based on criteria you set.


To add a filter to the Position Summary window:


  1. Right click on a column heading and select Filter from the pop-up menu, then select Add/Edit Filter.

  2. In the Add/Edit Filter window, select your filter criteria (in this example, we chose the Pos (position) column where we will filter by position size.




  1. We selected the filter condition to be greater than or equal to 500 shares.

  2. Click Filter on the top right and the filter removes any stock with less than 500 shares in my portfolio.




  1. The Pos column now shows the filter criteria (>= 500).

  1. Now that you have a filter in place, you can save that filter, load it, or remove it, by clicking the Filter menu and selecting from the pull-down menu.


FEES – Sterling Trader® Pro offers the ability to calculate fees in your trading costs (commission and pass-through) intraday.  The fees window is found in View – Fees.  By default it is blank.  Please consult with your broker for the correct data to enter into the Fees window.


EXERCISE OPTIONS – Authorized traders have the ability to exercise option contracts from the trading platform.  The options exercise function will remove the selected contracts from position summary and add or subtract the correlating shares of stock. 


ex_red_sm.jpg Please note that they are not clearable transactions.  If you have the options exercise function, you must still notify your broker of any exercises you wish to process. 


To exercise options:


  1. Right click on an open long option position symbol and select “Exercise” from the pop-up menu.

  2. The Exercise Option screen pops up requesting the number of contracts to exercise.

  3. Enter a number if different than the default and click OK.

  4. The option position will automatically decrement the option position by the number of contracts exercised and will add a stock position according to the number of contracts exercised.  So if you exercised one call in IBM, you will get 100 shares of IBM added to your position.