Order Entry Fields

Open a Level I Order Entry window from the Sterling Trader® Pro Main Menu by clicking Windows – Level I Order Entry.




ex_red_sm.jpg If you open a Level I Order Entry from the Main Menu, all fields are blank.  This is because there is no symbol.  However, if you open a Level I Order Entry window from the Stock Watch or Position Summary window, any Global Order Entry defaults will be filled in because there is a symbol to reference.


Once you enter a symbol in the blank order entry window, the level I quote bar at the top will be activated so you can see the level I data: Last, Change, Bid/Ask, etc. In the settings (View - Settings), you can decide which fields to show in the quote bar.


Here is a list of the order entry fields.







To place an order from Level I Order Entry:


  1. Select the side (Buy, Sell, Sell Short), Quantity, Symbol, Price, Account, Destination, etc.

  2. When you have the necessary fields filled in, click on the send button to send the order.


If you already have a position in the symbol you entered, you position will show on the bottom-right of the window.


Also on the bottom right, an ETB indicator shows if the stock is on the easy-to-borrow list.  If ETB shows up, than it is on the list.