Listing Exchanges Settings

This window may appear confusing at first; but after you begin to utilize it, you will begin to realize its advantages.


The “Listing Exchanges Settings” window gives you the option, if you wish to use it, of specifying a global default order destination (exchange) by security type – equities, options, or futures. In other words, you can assign one global destination for all equities order; one global destination for all options orders; and one global destination for all futures orders.


Please note: When you bring the window up, you will see some of the available fields are grayed-out. The grayed-out boxes can’t be edited or updated; but the “Dest” (destination) and "CoverDest" fields (illustrated by the white boxes below) can be.





To set a default destination for security type "Equity":


    1. Double click in the Dest box.  You will get a pull-down menu of available destinations.

    2. Select your destination.

    3. Repeat for "Futures" and "Options" if necessary (Forex is not currently tradable on Sterling Trader® Pro)


You can follow the same process for CoverDest.  Your CoverDest may be the same, or different from, your Dest. This is determined solely by user’s preference.




ex_red_sm.jpgCoverDest is a default for closing existing positions from the Position Summary window or the pre-set cover hot keys.  It only takes effect when using the right-click function to cover a selected position at the market or using the special hot keys.  This MUST be set in order to use the right click cover function and the pre-set hot key cover function.


Listing Exchanges also allows you to specify a default order destination (exchange) according to a symbol’s listing exchange; the symbol’s listing exchange is designated by a single-letter “exchange code”. Here are some examples of exchange codes:  ‘N’ = NYSE/ARCA-Listed; ‘Q’ = NASDAQ-Listed; ‘P’ = NYSE/ARCA-Listed ETFs; ‘U’ = OTC Bulletin Boards and Pinksheets (OTC Markets). See the illustration below.  (The destinations shown below alongside each of the exchange codes are not hard-coded, but based on user preference).




ex_red_sm.jpgIf you set a Local Order Entry setting in an order entry window (such as Level I Order Entry) to default that window to a specific exchange, it will override the Global setting in the Listing Exchanges above.