Level 1 OE Settings

Level I Order Entry in the Global Order Entry settings provides some additional options to the defaults selected in the Equities category of the Global Order Entry settings screen.  These settings determine what happens when you manually update certain fields in the Level I OE window, or after you send orders.  Here are your options:




After Sending Order Set Focus To The: This defines which field in the Level 1 OE window your cursor will jump to after sending an order.


Color the Side and Send controls based on side - A handy visual tool to remind you what side is selected in a Level 1 OE window.  that's right, we said Handy.


Open a Time And Sales window and a Chart upon startup - Checking this box will cause a Time and Sales window and a Chart to open automatically any time you open a new Level I OE window.  You can also choose to auto-link those windows.



TAB ORDER - This button opens a window that lets you decide which fields in the Level 1 OE window your cursor will cycle through and in what order when you press the TAB key.  This feature can save a lot of time – especially when you want to make rapid modifications to your order (to adjust Price, share Quantity, Time-in-Force, order Destination, and so on) in response to changes in market conditions.




ex_red_sm.jpg There are a lot of order entry settings in the various windows in Sterling Trader® Pro.  Please see the Sterling Trader® Settings "Layered View" documentation for a reference to how these settings interact with each other.