Equities Settings

Set your defaults to pre-fill order entry screens.




Quantity/Side if Flat...


Qty to open position:  This is the default share amount you want to default to if you do not hold shares of the symbol typed into the order entry screen.  For example, if you only trade 500 shares at a time, 500 would be a good default.


Open Position Into:  Choose long or short.  This only has the effect of the highlighting either the BUY or SHRT (sell short) button in the order entry screen.  No actual trade is placed.




Quantity/Side if Not Flat...


Qty if increasing pos:  If you already own shares of the selected stock, you can choose here to load the “Balance,” which is the quantity to open a position minus the share amount you already own. For example, if your default quantity to open a position is 1000 shares, and if through partial fills you have filled 700 shares in that position, then your “Balance” share amount now becomes 300 shares, displayed whenever you load that symbol. Otherwise, you should manually enter a fixed order share quantity for always increasing an existing position by the same fixed share quantity.


ex_red_sm.jpg Please see "Miscellaneous" below, as the "Prefill quantity..." settings, if checked, overrides "Qty if Increasing  Pos" settings.


Qty if closing pos:  This is an alternative to Qty if Increasing Pos.  You can define a percentage of the position if you currently own the selected stock.


When prefilling use:  This is where you choose which method, Qty if Increasing, Qty if Closing.


ex_red_sm.jpg Please note that any Local Order Entry Settings you create in the Order Entry windows will override these settings.






To set your price defaults for regular and pre-market:


  1. Check the “Price” box.

  2. For “If buying” and “If selling”, select from the pull down box.  Choices include Bid, Ask, Mkt, and Last.

  3. If Bid, Ask, or Last is selected, the up/down arrows can be used to calculate an addition or subtraction from that price (such as Bid +.01, or Last - .02)

  4. If desired, select STP in the second pull-down box to pre-fill orders as stop orders.

  5. Repeat for Pre-market settings.


Check "Display Price as Number" if you don't want to see (Bid), (Ask), (Last), etc.  Instead, the actual number will appear in the price field.




MULTI DESTINATION – In Sterling Trader® Pro, you can configure the destination MULTI to send an order simultaneously to multiple exchanges.


To configure MULTI:


  1. Click on the “Configure…” button.  The [Multi] Configuration window will pop up.

  2. Click on Destination to get a pull down list of available destinations

  3. Select the destination of your choice by clicking on it.

  4. Click on the “Add” button and the destination will fill in.  Do this for each destination you want added.

  5. Click OK and your [Multi] route is now configured.


image10.jpg      image11.jpg




Trailing Stop Orders...




Set defaults for your Trailing Stop orders.  You can also check the Auto T-STP box to always have a T-STP order go out with every order.  


ex_red_sm.jpgThese are available for equities only!


ex_red_sm.jpgex_red_sm.jpg The Trailing Increment is how far the stock has to move before your trail amount will adjust itself.  For example, if XYZ stock is trading at 35.00 and you enter a trailing stop with a trail amount of 1.00 and a trailing increment of 0.25, the stop out price would be 34.00 to begin (1.00 below 35.00).  If the stock goes up to 35.20, the stop out price is still 34.00.  If the stock goes to 35.25, the stop out price now becomes 34.25.


If you don’t want to include a stop order on every order, or, if you want to adjust the specifications for an individual order, you can press ALT+R in an order entry window (Level I or Level II) to bring up the Order Attributes window.







Prefill quantity based on symbol: Checking this box will prefill the quantity field with the quantity used in the last order for a particular symbol.  For example, a trader holds 1700 IBM long.  Their last order in IBM was to buy 200.  If they bring up IBM in an order entry window, the quantity will prefill 200.


Prefill account based on: If you trade multiple accounts, select here how to decide which account to default to.  Please note, you can override this with local order entry settings in the individual order entry windows.


Clicking Bid/Ask Price:  Either Takes or Joins.  If Joins, clicking on the Bid price in Level II will highlight BUY button, clicking on the Ask will highlight the SHRT button.  If Takes, the opposite is true.