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Sterling Trader Releases Version 7.0.8


Futures OE:

  • Brazilian Rollover Futures contracts are now handled.

Solicited order attribute:

  • Solicited checkbox added to Level I.
  • Solicited checkbox added to Trade Maintenance.
  • Solicited checkbox added to the Add Allocation dialog.
  • Solicited checkbox added to the Add Allocation Template Entry dialog.
  • Sol column added to Trading Monitor.

Trade Maintenance:

  • Certain fields are no longer disabled when invoked from Pro and Elite. Now behaves identical to when invoked from Manager.

Stock Watch:

  • In the Alerts column, the No Imbalance and Trading Resumed icons have been changed from yellow to green.
  • Fin Vol column added. Displays the financial volume (cumulative value) of the stock.


  • Changes made to better work on Windows 7 (English or non-English) machines. In addition to upgrading to this version, the user needs to disable UAC (User Account Control) and reboot their machine, either before or after installing Sterling.
  • Bovespa auction quotes logic added.


  • Now handles locales that do not use commas as the list separator (Portuguese, for example).
  • Bovespa auction quotes logic added.


  • Filtering out of additional Bovespa auction quotes implemented.


  • Bovespa auction quotes logic added.
  • CancelAllOrders(structSTICancelAll *pStruct) function added to STIOrderMaint.
    • structSTICancelAll has the following members:
      BSTR bstrInstrument
      BSTR bstrSymbol
      BSTR bstrAccount
    • Leave bstrSymbol blank to specify all symbols.
    • Leave bstrAccount blank to specify all accounts.


  • The Services listbox has been removed.
  • Enable service filter setting added.
  • Services dialog added. The user can set up a list of services to either show or hide.
    • Not case sensitive.
    • User can append an asterisk at the end of a service name to serve as a wildcard.

Buying Power dialog:

  • Now shows up in the Windows taskbar.


  • Assorted Portuguese translation corrections added.
  • Futures quote deregistration cleaned up.
  • Bovespa auction price processing has been updated.
    • In Stock Watch, Level I OE, and Level II OE, the auction price will be displayed (with an asterisk appended) in place of the Level I last, bid, and ask prices.
    • The actual Level I last, bid, and ask prices (not the auction price) will still be used for calculations regarding risk control, P/L, etc.


Level II OE

  • Was not capturing the Brazilian auction theoretical prices on the quote snaps. Fixed.
  • Theoretical prices for the Brazilian auction period entries were not being displayed. Fixed.

Futures OE

  • Was not updating the Currency field when changing symbols. Fixed.
  • No longer sorts the initial Brazilian book values by price.
  • Hotkeys would not work if Symbol was set to ‘Current’. Fixed.
  • Contracts that expire more than 10 years from now were not being sorted correctly in the Symbol dropdown. Fixed.

Position Summary

  • Adjusting/creating Locates (right-click menu) would cause the application to crash. Fixed.

Stock Watch

  • The Alert Legend dialog was not matching the icons and descriptions correctly. Fixed.
  • The icons in the Alerts column would sometimes draw over other columns. Fixed.


  • The Bovespa service filter was not working properly. Fixed.

Exchange Alerts

  • The time filters were not working correctly. Fixed.


  • Values that are only in the initial quote reply (such as Close Price) would not be displayed if a default Country Code was set up in the front end (as in the Portuguese installs). Fixed.
  • Positions involving symbols with country codes were not updating correctly. Fixed
  • Positions involving account names that were substrings of other account names were not updating correctly. Fixed.
  • The ‘Add New Positions’ setting would sometimes add a duplicate entry when updating an existing position. Fixed.
  • Memory corruption bugs introduced in fixed.


  • Symbols with numbers in them were not working properly. Fixed


  • Was not filtering out Brazilian auction theoretical price quotes. Fixed.


  • STIAcctMaint::MaintainAccount() was accidently clearing out the values of some of the newer account fields. Fixed.


  • Assorted Portuguese translation fixes.
  • In Pro, Buying Power was duplicated under the Utilities menu. Fixed.
  • Assorted Portuguese translation errors fixed.
  • Account Threshold ‘No Quote Available’ rejects would be triggered when attempting to change an Options order even when the quote was being watched in another window. Fixed.
  • The account’s Options ‘Per order share limit’ would stop orders from older front-ends (pre-7.0.6) even though the setting was disabled. Fixed. (Note: Accounts that are experiencing this problem need to re-save the Account settings with this version of Manager ( or later.)

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