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Sterling Services

Sterling offers the most customizable trading solutions

Continuous Innovation from a dedicated team


Sterling provides fixed-cost development with a contract outlining a defined SOW (Statement of Work). The development projects are typically client-specific or system function enhancements.

  • Costs range depending on the level of time and resources being deployed
  • STT will also prepare detailed specifications for the SOW


Utilize the full-time dedicated team of STT developers and business analysts to manage and support specific enhancements needs. Clients can manage proprietary and non-proprietary enhancements on STT’s standard development track and operate at client’ offices or at one of STT’s secure remote development locations

JDT combines the best of off-the-shelf software and in-house development

Client Benefits:

  • Fast deployment, immediate results
  • Costs are controlled and time-consuming paperwork is reduced as development can be grouped into more manageable yearly plans
  • Better control over development scheduling and costs
  • Lower overall costs than work done on a SOW basis

Details: Minimum one-year commitment with pricing minimums


Sterling provides development and technical operations resources to certify with third party systems, execution venues and clearing firms on a fixed-cost basis.

  • Costs range based on the scope and complexity of certification
  • STT will review third party specifications and provide a detailed SOW to the client
  • STT’s highly knowledgeable technical operations team will manage testing, implementation, and quality control


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