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Thrive in today’s heightened regulatory environment with a full suite of tools designed to meet the market access rules for online trading and the compliance requirements for reporting and clearing, including OATS. Sterling Trader’s risk control system covers not only intraday trading, but pre-trade risk and post-trade processing.

Market Access Oversight

In addition to comprehensive pre-trade risk control, Sterling offers morning file uploads, individual symbol controls, position and order limits, group risk monitoring, and order routing control.

All controls and pre-trade checks are real-time, with minimum to no effect on technology performance. The managing firm can perform the required risk control procedures without impacting their client’s approved trading.

Sterling Trader® Manager

All trading flows through the Sterling Trader® Manager risk control system, regardless of asset class. Traders program trading through the Sterling API are subject to the same controls. Sterling Trader® Manager acts a barrier between the point of order entry and execution at the market, allowing only approved activity through, protecting both the firm and the trader.



Sterling Trader provides firms with a wide range of standard and customizable reports designed to comply with daily trade reporting and regulatory requirements. We work directly with clearing firms to ensure efficient back-office processing that keeps daily operations running smoothly. You’ll have accurate reporting of all trading activity so you can minimize trade breaks, respond to regulatory inquiries, and reconcile client positions.

In addition to daily trade files, Sterling also offers assistance with other reporting:


Sterling Trader® offers OATS (Order Audit Trail System) reporting to all of our clients. Sterling Trader® has successfully discharged OATS reporting requirements for our clients since 2003.


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