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Post-Trade Compliance


Sterling Trading Tech offers our clients post-trade compliance technology through our integration with Trillium Surveyor. Surveyor is a post-trade surveillance and analytics platform that uses full depth-of-book direct feed market data to detect spoofing, layering, and other forms of market manipulation.

Surveyor is also used by traders and order routing professionals to review and optimize order routing strategies. Sterling Trader customers can review and analyze their order message data in Surveyor without any additional connectivity.

  • Dramatically reduce false-positives and prevent fines with Surveyor’s unsurpassed detection accuracy and intuitive display.
  • Use Surveyor's powerful viewing tool to analyze order book activity in any symbol, on any date, with down to millisecond granularity.
  • Zero in on the order routing stops that need review, isolating which individual orders have too much of an adverse impact on price.
  • Analyze whether a challenged trading sequence was manipulative, and enlist Surveyor’s experienced professionals to support of Surveyor's findings.

Trillium Surveyor is the only trade surveillance software that qualifies alerts using full depth-of-book market data. Competing software just uses top of book data, missing real market manipulation and producing useless false positives.