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The most realistic paper-trading environment available

Brokers, Professional Trading Groups, and Educators can now utilize simulation as a training tool for traders to learn advanced functionality and test trading strategies in a risk-free environment.


The Sterling Trading Simulator offers a simulated trading environment for both equities and options.

Using a proprietary matching algorithm, the Sterling Trading Simulator replicates real-world trading to create the most realistic paper-trading environment available.

  • The Sterling Trading Simulator is available for Sterling’s flagship professional trading platforms; Sterling Trader® Pro, Sterling Trader® Elite, Sterling Trader® Manager, Sterling Trader® Web and Sterling Trader® Mobile.
  • Clients can deploy Sterling Trader Manager to utilize the same risk and P&L management controls used for production trading.
  • The full suite of STT client end of day reporting for trades and positions is available to allow clients to manage simulated trading in existing workflows.
  • Broker specific order routing is available to allow clients to offer the same destinations used for production trading.
  • Hours of operation: 4am EST to 8pm EST.
  • Supported order types are MKT, Limit, S-STP.
Orders in simulation mode execute depending on market conditions.

Technology Highlights:

Access full production platform functionality and tools in simulation mode with real-time market data

  • Level I and Level II market data
  • Customizable hot key and hot button functionality
  • Sophisticated real-time scanning tools
  • Exchange alerts and imbalances
  • Real-time position and order management, including
  • profit and loss tracking
  • Multi-language (English, Chinese, Portuguese)

Sterling Trader® PRO DEMO


Sterling Trading SIMULATOR

Price FREE Paid monthly subscription
Time Frame 2-Week Trial Month-to-month
Market Data Delayed (Level 1 & 2) Real-Time non-pro (Level 1 & or Level 1 & 2 Available)
Order Executions Executions NOT simulated, symbols will fill at any price - select symbols behave in a manner intended to mimic certain market conditions, all other symbols fill at any entered price Executions are simulated from real-time quotes via Sterling’s proprietary matching algorithm replicating real-world trading conditions
Order Types MKT & Limit MKT, Limit, S-STP
Asset Classes Equities , Options and Futures Equities & Single-Leg Options
Platform Customization Layouts and settings are saved locally, meaning all customization (layouts, hot keys, etc.) will remain intact Layouts and settings are saved locally, meaning all customization (layouts, hot keys, etc.) will remain intact
Account Creation Sign-up online & receive account credentials by email from the Sterling Client Services team Register for an individual account online (billed monthly) & receive account credentials by email


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