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Trade Reporting

Sterling Trading Tech provides a number of standard end-of-day files. These are provided at no additional cost and are included as part of our normal service agreement.

The end-of-day files Sterling Trading Tech provides include:

  • Reports to clearing firms, which are custom built to each firm’s specifications.
  • OATS Reporting
  • SEC 606
  • Daily Trade – Includes each individual execution, and is available for options and equities.
  • Daily Activity – Also referred to as a “Lifecycle” report.
  • This report includes all order messages for the entire trading day.
  • Position Blotter – Summarizes all executions into positions.
  • Custom reports are also available upon request.

Start-of-day files are also handled as part of our normal service agreement.

These files typically include:

  • Easy-To-Borrow
  • Position
  • Buying Power