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Sterling Trading Tech Fix API

Sterling Trading Tech’s low latency FIX API is one of the fastest API solutions on the market today, with processing speeds under 100 microseconds and the capacity to handle up to 10,000 orders per second.

FIX API users can connect directly to the Sterling Trading Engine via multiple channels using industry standard FIX 4.2 protocol.

Sterling’s FIX API solution is integrated with our Sterling Risk Manager GUI, so Traders and Risk Managers can easily monitor trades, positions and enforce pre-trade risk and compliance controls.

Key Features:

  • Processing speed under 100 microseconds
  • Send up to 10,000 orders per second
  • All US and Canadian equity symbols supported
  • US single leg options and complex options supported
  • Multi-broker, multi clearing firm support
  • Access all STT execution partners through one connection

Risk Management:

  • Buying power and margin controls
  • Per order contract size and notional value controls
  • Max loss controls
  • Order Management via Risk Manager GUI
  • Position Management via Risk Manager GUI