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Partners and Global Trading Network

Sterling Trading Tech offers premier trading platforms to buy-side and sell-side traders seeking global market access.

By continuously expanding our broker-neutral network and investing in market data delivery, Sterling Trading Tech provides connectivity to exchanges and multiple trading networks across the globe.

Sterling Destinations

U.S. Equity Exchanges
BATS www.batstrading.com
Chicago Stock Exchange www.chx.com
Direct Edge www.bats.com
NASDAQ www.nasdaqtrader.com
NASDAQ BX www.nasdaqtrader.com
NASDAQ PHLX www.nasdaqtrader.com
NYSE www.nyse.com
NYSE ARCA www.nyse.com/markets/nyse-arca
NYSE MKT www.nyse.com/markets/nyse-mkt
International Exchanges & Networks
Ayers Solutions Limited www.ayers.com.hk
BM&F Bovespa www.bmfbovespa.com.br
Chi-X Canada / Nasdaq www.chi-xcanada.com
Fidessa www.fidessa.com
Hong Kong Stock Exchange www.hkex.com.hk
Instinet Asia & Europe www.instinet.com
KCG www.kcg.com
Shanghai Stock Exchange english.sse.com.cn
Shenzhen Stock Exchange www.szse.cn
Sungard www.sungard.com
Toronto Stock Exchange www.tmx.com
Options Exchanges
NYSE Amex Options www.nyse.com/listings_directory/option/nyse-amex
BATS www.batsoptions.com
BOX www.bostonoptions.com
CBOE www.cboe.com
EDGX Options www.batsglobalmarkets.com
ISE www.ise.com
MIAX Options www.miaxoptions.com
PSEX www.nyse.com
PHLX www.phlx.com
CBOT www.cmegroup.com
CME www.cmegroup.com
COMEX www.cmegroup.com
NYMEX www.cmegroup.com
Clearing Firms
ABN Amro Clearing www.abnamroclearing.com
Apex Clearing www.apexclearing.com
BNP Paribas USA usa.bnpparibas
COR Clearing www.corclearing.com
Electronic Transaction Clearing www.etc-clearing.com
Goldman Sachs Execution and Clearing LP www.gsec.com
ICBC www.icbc-ltd.com
Interactive Brokers www.interactivebrokers.com
LEK Securities www.leksecurities.com
Merrill Lynch Professional Clearing Corp www.bcp.ml.com
Quantex Clearing www.quantexclearing.com
RBC Correspondent Services www.rbccorrespondentservices.com
Vision Financial Markets LLC http://www.vfmarkets.com/
Wedbush Securities www.wedbush.com
Alaric Securities www.alaricsecurities.com
Alpes Corretora www.alpes.com.br
AOS Trading Block www.tradingblock.com
Apex Clearing www.apexclearing.com
Bank of America Merrill Lynch www.bofaml.com
Bank of New York www.bnymellon.com
Barclays www.barcap.com
Bradesco Corretora www.bradescocorretora.com.br
Celadon Financial www.celadonfinancial.com
CenterPoint Securities www.centerpointsecurities.com
Citadel www.citadel.com
Citi www.citigroup.com
Cobra Trading www.cobratrading.com
Coinvalores Corretora www.coinvalores.com.br
Convergex www.convergex.com
Credit Suisse www.credit-suisse.com
Cuttone & Co. www.cuttone.com
Dash Financial Technologies www.dashfinancial.com
Davis Securities davissecurities.com
Deutsche Bank www.db.com
Dinosaur Securities dinogroup.eu
Electronic Transaction Clearing www.etc-clearing.com
eRoom Securities eroomsecurities.com
Essex Radez www.essexradez.com
Fator Corretora de Valores www.fatorcorretora.com.br
Gar Wood Securities www.garwoodsecurities.net
Goldman Sachs www.gs.com
H. Commcor DTVM www.commcor.com.br
Icap Corretora www.icapbrasil.com.br
Instinet www.instinet.com
Interactive Brokers www.interactivebrokers.com
Guide Investimentos www.guideinvestimentos.com.br
Jefferies www.jefferies.com
KCG www.kcg.com
LEK Securities www.leksecurities.com
Lightspeed Trading www.lightspeed.com
Lime Brokerage, LLC www.limebrokerage.com
Magma Trading https://magmatrading.com
Maxim Group www.maximgrp.com
Merrill Lynch www.ml.com
SageTrader www.sagetrader.com
SIG (Susquehanna) www.sig.com
STOCK USA https://speedtrader.com/
Societe Generale www.societegenerale.com
UBS www.ubs.com
Vandham Securities www.vandham.com
Vision Financial Markets, LLC www.vfmarkets.com
Wedbush Securities www.wedbush.com
XP Investimentos www.xpi.com.br
Algorithmic Brokers
Bank of America Merrill Lynch www.bofaml.com
Citadel www.citadelgroup.com
Clearpool www.clearpoolgroup.com
Financial Networks
Bayes Capital www.bayescapital.com
Bloomberg Tradebook www.bloombergtradebook.com
Charles River www.crd.com
Clearpool clearpoolgroup.com
Eze Software Group www.ezesoft.com
EZX www.ezxinc.com
Sungard (FIS) www.sungard.com
Tradeweb www.tradeweb.com
Ullink www.ullink.com
Citadel www.citadelgroup.com
KCG www.kcg.com
Level ATS www.levelats.com
Omega ATS www.omegaats.com
PDQ Enterprises / CODA Markets www.pdqenterprises.com
Speedroute www.speedroute.com
Bellwether Financial Technology bellwetherfintech.in
Interactive Brokers interactivebrokers.com
Prop Reports propreports.com
Trade Ideas trade-ideas.com