Sterling Trading Tech’s Director of Risk & Derivatives, Ravi Jain receives a Coach/Mentor Award at the University of Pennsylvania from the First Lego League

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Ravi Jain, Sterling Trading Tech’s Director of Risk & Derivatives approached Sterling with the opportunity to participate in The First Lego League (FLL) Robotics program at Toby Farms Intermediate School in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania through sponsorship and mentoring.

Sterling Trading Tech matched Ravi’s $500 contribution and was proud to see Ravi making a positive impact in his community. “Schools in this district have very limited funding and resources and the kids have little access to programs such as this,” states Ravi Jain “The FLL Robotics program is a great way to introduce underprivileged 6th-8th graders the basic concepts of engineering and programming as I believe that ‘every child is born a genius’ – they just need the right environment, exposure and encouragement.” Previously, Ravi coached a similar team at his son’s school for a few years and believes that establishing a program and coaching a team in this school will have a far greater impact.

After Ravi dedicated hours of his time to mentoring, the rookie team from one of the most underprivileged, underperforming and tough middle schools in Pennsylvania, came in 2nd place overall and advanced to the regional championships at the University of Pennsylvania where 48 teams (of 140 total) from the region competed. Toby Farms won 2nd Place for “Innovative Solution Award” and Ravi received a “Coach/Mentor” Award! Additionally, the robot that the team built performed fairly well and placed in the top 40 percent.

With many thanks and congratulations to Ravi, Toby Farms was able to experience and participate in this scholastic event and on top of that win a prize on behalf of their school as well.

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