Sterling Trader® Pro Version 12.0 New Chart Functionality

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Version 12.0 offers new chart functionality

The 3 chart highlights include:

  • Display & Modify Open Orders
  • Pivot Lines
  • Average Volume Indicator

Display & Modify Open Orders:

From the Chart Window to Display & Modify Open Orders, go to Settings > Display > Show Open Orders

The Open Order shows in the Trading Monitor and as a blue line in the Chart Window.

To modify the order, click and drag the line, and click YES to accept.

The accepted change will appear in your Order History.

Pivot Lines:

To view Pivot Lines in the Chart Window, select Pivot Lines in the drop down and then click the ADD (+) button.

The default Pivot Line Color is White.

The white line is the pivot line, with the two lines above being levels of Support (S1, S2) and the two lines below being levels of Resistance (R1, R2)

To delete any study, right-click on the study at the top of the chart.

Average Volume Indicator:

To view the Average Volume Indicator, add the “Volume” Indicator to your chart.

Next, add a Volume SMA onto the volume study.

The Simple Moving Average (SMA) is calculated by adding the price of an instrument over a number of time periods and then dividing the sum by the number of time periods. The SMA is basically the average price of the given time period, with equal weighting given to the price of each period. This is shown in the white line below.

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