How to Place an OCO Order on Sterling Trader® Pro

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OCO (One-Cancels-the-Other) Order is an order feature available only from the Trading Monitor.

OCO in Sterling Trader® Pro involves grouping two or more orders that are already live.
If you manually cancel one of the orders in the group, all orders in the group will be cancelled.

To create an OCO group:
1. Highlight two or more live orders in the Trading Monitor by holding down the Ctrl key and then clicking on the specific orders

2. Right click. A menu will pop up

3. Select OCO. The sub-menu will have two options

  1. Create Group
  2. Remove Group

4. Select Create Group

5. The orders you selected are now grouped. Once one order fills, the others will be cancelled.

There is a column available in Trading Monitor called OCO ID. This column will allow you to see which, if any, orders are grouped together by assigning a specific number to them.

To enable OCO ID you will need to go to View > Settings > Columns > Enable OCO ID

Additionally, you can un-group the orders by selecting Remove Group in the pop-up menu.

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