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Get to know Sterling’s Fundamental Data Window

September 27, 2017

Sterling Trading Tech recently added drag and drop functionality to our Fundamental Data Window. Traders can now click and drag symbols into the window from other windows. Additionally, the Fundamental Data Window can also be linked with other windows in order to update the group all at once. Try it on your…

Meet the Sterling Trading Tech Client Services Team

August 31, 2017

STT prides itself on offering the best customer service in the industry with experienced and knowledgeable professionals offering real-time training and troubleshooting with personalized support. Mark Carlson, VP of Client Services has overseen the team for almost 10 years. On the desk with Mark include: Mike Pokorney, Senior Client Services Associate, and…


July 31, 2017

You can now see your own entry and exit points on our new charting package! Your chart will then look like this: To view please go to Chart Menu within the Chart Window and select Settings: Under Miscellaneous, check the box “Show Executions”

Sterling Trading Tech’s Professional Trading Platforms Are Now Available to Individual Traders with Interactive Brokers

July 13, 2017

Sterling Trading Tech (STT) announced today that its professional trading platforms are now available from Interactive Brokers Group (IB), one of the largest global broker-dealers. Under terms of the agreement, individual traders can now use the STT suite of trading platforms to trade with an IB account. Sterling Trading Tech (STT) is…

From the Desk of Client Services: Pre- and Post-Market Updates

July 5, 2017

The Sterling Client Services team strives to provide the best customer service in the industry. We received a few inquiries surrounding viewing pre- and post-market updates. Are you seeing your pre- and post-market updates? We recently updated the front-end so that the following setting is being enforced: If this setting is not…

Sterling Trading Tech (STT) Led FinTank Chicago’s Electronic & Algo Trading Panel Discussion This Month

June 23, 2017

Sterling Trading Tech’s President Jim Nevotti participated at FinTank’s Electronic & Algo Trading Panel Tuesday, June 20th alongside Chuck Bohm, Senior Vice President of ED&F Capital Markets Ltd for an interactive fireside Q&A. Kicking off the evening, Jim Nevotti & Chuck Bohn shared their experience in the trading and technology worlds and…

STT President, Jim Nevotti featured in Intelligent Trading Technology

April 18, 2017

STT’s President, Jim Nevotti discusses algorithmic order entry with Intelligent Trading Technology this month. The Sterling Trader Elite® platform will provide Clearpool Group traders sophisticated algorithmic trading and advanced order management tools. Sterling is filling a need for a “combination of new technology at a cost-competitive price,” says Nevotti. Read the full…

Options Insider Radio Interviews: Talking Broker Tech with Sterling Trading Tech

April 7, 2017

We’re talking trading technology with Options Insider Radio. In this episode, Sterling Trading Tech’s President Jim Nevotti and Ravi Jain, Director of Risk & Derivatives join Mark Longo, Founder of Options Insider Radio. They discuss: What is Sterling Trading Tech? The Sterling Trading Tech platform The delineation of Lightspeed and Sterling Trading…

Markets Media & Traders Magazine feature Ravi Jain

April 3, 2017

Sterling Trading Tech appointed Ravi Jain as the Director of Risk & Derivatives to manage STT’s Risk Product line as well as the LiveVol X platform, which STT recently acquired from the CBOE and renamed Sterling VolTrader. Markets Media included Ravi’s appointment in their “Trading Up” feature and Traders Magazine also included…

Sterling Trader Pro 10.5 Updates

March 27, 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of Sterling Trader Pro Version 10.5. Check out the Key Highlights below of the new features and functionalities available and download 10.5 today. New Feature: Window Snapping: Traders can now snap windows together in groups to move and manage groups of windows. “Snap Parent” added…

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