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About Sterling

Sterling Trading Tech (STT) is a leading broker-neutral provider of technology solutions for the global equities, equity options, options and futures markets. STT offers a full-service order routing and management suite built to support the direct access trading needs of professional traders, broker/dealers, hedge funds, and buy-side trading institutions serving over 100 clients and thousands of traders in over 30 countries with trading supported in 10 countries. STT provides solutions tailored to our clients' needs including links to over 80 execution venues in the US and is committed to providing fast, stable technology along with outstanding customer service.

STT's products & services overview:


  • Sterling Trader® Pro

    The most widely used professional trading platform in the industry for trading equities, options, and futures, giving them the performance and functionality needed to compete in today’s markets.

  • Sterling Trader® Elite

    Buy-side trading platform with sophisticated algorithmic trading suite and advanced order management, giving institutional and agency traders complete customizable control of their trading for equities, options, complex options and futures markets worldwide.

  • Sterling Trader® Web

    Feature-rich HTML5 platform including sophisticated charting tools, quote management, depth of market displays, and full equity and options trading support.

  • Sterling Trader® Mobile

    A complete trading solution for Android and iOS devices for stand-alone use, or for existing STT users when away from their desktop application.

  • Sterling LST

    LST is built for speed, stability, and fast executions. The trading system is designed for active, professional, and institutional traders that demand highly established market data and performance.

  • Sterling VolTrader

    (Previously Livevol X) An advanced option analysis platform with portfolio analysis, sophisticated volatility modeling tools, and complex option order entry.

  • Fusion

    An equity and equity option platform geared toward proprietary trading groups.


  • Sterling Trader® Manager

    Provides real-time innovative risk and trading management tools that allows clients to control pre-trade risk, set account limits, and manage trading parameters.

  • Sterling Aggregator

    Allows clients to view all orders, manage trading risk and enforce 15c3 compliance controls across STT and third party platforms in real-time using the Sterling Risk Manager user interface - post-trade compliance surveillance and analytics add-on available through our integration with Trillium Surveyor.

  • Sterling Risk Monitor

    Web-Based GUI for Monitoring Risk seamlessly integrated with the Sterling Risk Engine API - Sterling Risk Monitor is completely web-based with ability to view risk and portfolio margin for all accounts, including drill down capabilities.

  • Sterling Risk Engine

    Uses a sophisticated quantitative methodology to calculate real-time market shocks for a large universe of option contracts including equity options and options on futures - these shocks can be customized and support several different types such as parallel and volatility-adjusted, the server calculates theoretical values and greeks at each shock level.


  • Sterling FIX API

    STT’s low latency FIX API is one of the fastest API solutions on the market today, STT’s FIX API solution is integrated with our Sterling Risk Manager GUI, so Traders and Risk Managers can easily monitor trades, positions and enforce pre-trade risk and compliance controls.

  • Sterling FIX Connectivity

    STT offers a wide range of FIX connectivity solutions to clients looking to take advantage of our global trading network or consolidate order flow into a single point where risk can be managed more effectively.

  • Development Services

    Through STT's deep market knowledge, we offer custom and sophisticated development services for STT and third party products.

  • Drop Copies

    STT can provide real-time executions via drop copies to third party risk management systems - drop copies can also be taken via third party systems in order to manage risk from those systems through STT.

  • Market Data

    Sterling Trading Tech offers a full selection of market data for the U.S., Canadian, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Japan, and European markets - all market data is available on a per trader, à la carte basis.